Journalism or espionage?

If an individual or organization gives classified information to an adversary of the United States that is considered espionage. Why if that same individual or organization publishes the same information for that same adversary, along with the entire world, to see is that considered journalism and a protected Constitutional right?

The recent exposure of classified information concerning surveillance of possible espionage within the United States and classified information regarding the handling of unlawful enemy combatants are examples the left uses to promote their allegations that the Bush Administration is out of control. The reality is that the release and publication of this information is a violation of the law and should expose both leaker and publisher to prosecution as aiding and abetting an enemy of the United States.

At anytime, but more so during time of war, it is critical that those who expose classified information, and this includes those who report or publish it, be detained and prosecuted fully.

Thanks Hugh Hewitt for the comments.

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