Republicans: A Conservative Party now!

Was this political genius on the part of President Bush? Deliver the message of what traits a judicial nominee should have from outside the confirmation process? Deliver the message to the Republican Majority that Conservatives now run the party and there shall be no more defections or deals with the Minority Party!

There is little doubt that the Conservative message has been strengthened by the Miers nomination and withdrawal. There has been outrage from the Conservative base over an apparent failure to put forth a demonstrably Conservative nominee, the apparent failure to capitalize on the hard fought battle to restore order to the Supreme Court, and an the apparent failure to take advantage of majorities in the House and Senate.

With Miers, is it possible that President Bush intentionally forced the Republican Party to decide between the old or new party? When push came to shove it was the Conservative base that spoke loudest and demonstrated that the Republican Party is now a Conservative Party and it is time to embrace the move to the right or step out of the way quietly.

Thank you President Bush!

The Hedgehog Blog has a different view but hopefully agrees that in short order the party will be more unified, and more Conservative, than ever.

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