The Anti-War Left

“They are attempting to create another generation of self-loathing losers who will [be] dependent on the liberals to lead them out of the falsely created darkness.”

So says Major Mike at My Sandmen who has an excellent piece debunking the defeatist agenda. Major Mike correctly identifies the irresponsible role played by the press in promoting this defeatism saying “With the help of the very negative hometown press, the Defeatists have gone and 1-15 in the past 25 years. They are looking at picking up their second victory, I mean defeat, soon.”

Without a complicit press Cindy Sheehan, rather than a rallying cry for all the leftist in the world, would instead be an unknown grieving mother who has changed her mind over the importance her son’s service to their country. While I do not agree with Ms. Sheehan, I recognize her right to speak her mind. The press however is utterly despicable to give voice to, and actually promote, the anti-United States propaganda of the defeatist left that is using Ms. Sheehan as a catalyst.

My Sandmen has fully illustrated the folly of the defeatist left. Thanks go to OKIE on the LAM™ for the link.

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