Conservatives dump the GOP? Why? It’s our party!

Mark Tapscott asks the question “Is it time for Conservatives to dump the GOP?” Wondering if the blogosphere makes possible a run to power of a new “conservative” party is an interesting discussion for those of us appalled at the GOP even when “There seemed nothing to stop the conservative agenda of cutting taxes, reducing spending, eliminating wasteful bureaucracy and pointless red tape, limiting the power of incumbency, making Congress more accountable and breaking up the Iron Triangles of special interests, bureaucrats and entrenched Democrats on Capitol Hill.”

The real lesson of the rise of the GOP, fueled by conservatives, since the Reagan revolution is that you must unite party politics with a dynamic, courageous leader in order to advance a conservative agenda. That dynamic leader must have enough party support to protect and champion him (like Reagan) or he will be devoured at the slightest misstep (Gingrich.)

To answer the insightful Mr. Tapscott: Should conservatives dump the GOP? No. Conservatives do however need to press on and fully seize control of the party that they have built!

Thank you Tapsott’s Copy Desk for linking the text of your article.

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