Illegal Immigration: Have two Democrats forced the Republican party to act?

The Hedgehog Blog says “In some ways this issue reminds me of the notion that “only Nixon could go to China.” Arguably, only Democrats could take a tough position on border enforcement and get away with it.”

In reality of course the American people know that only Republicans can be serious about national security and this places this issue squarely on their shoulders. Individual candidates in both parties can make names for themselves by crabbing this issue. As a party however it is the Republicans who have the most to win by facing or lose by ignoring the desire of the American people to have strong border enforcement to improve national security. The opportunity is now and the need is urgent. It is clearly time for Republican party to act.

The Hedgehog Blog: Will The Democrats Outflank The Republicans on Illegal Immigration? Not Necessarily. is a very good read.

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