CAIR now has me scared!

Until yesterday I had an admittedly skeptical belief that the problems with Islamic radicals were mostly external of the United States. After the spokesperson for the Southern California chapter CAIR, Hussam Ayloush was on the Hugh Hewitt radio program for the past two days I am now scared that, if CAIR is representative of American Islamic opinion, we are in grave danger from within this country.

Here is an excerpt from Hugh’s program, courtesy of Radio Blogger where Mr Ayloush is asked specifically to address CAIR’s documented relationship with the terrorist organization Hamas:

HH: Okay. Can we now go to Hamas?

HA: I’m going back to the issue itself. The CAIR stand…you know, first of all, CAIR cannot be put…the Muslim organizations, the Muslim community in America, cannot be put on a litmus test, specifically about each organization…

HH: Why not?

HA: Because that is offensive.

HH: Why is that offensive? Hamas is a terrorist organization.

HA: Because…You’re almost saying you’re not American enough. I have to question you on your views about Israel.

It is extremely frightening that CAIR, an American organization, is unwilling to disassociate itself from, and condemn, Hamas which has targeted and killed American citizens. I hope Hugh will follow up with a national representative of CAIR to determine if the Southern California chapter is an aberration. If as a National organization CAIR is filled with those who will excuse and thus support terrorism, and in particular if CAIR is representative of American Islamic opinion, I fear the danger within this country is much greater than ever imagined.

Thanks Radio Blogger for posting the transcript.

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