Is CAIR dangerous or incompetent?

Hugh Hewitt spent over an hour on his radio program today with a representative from the California chapter of CAIR. I apologize for not getting the gentleman’s name but am certain it will be at Hugh Hewitt later in the day. The CAIR spokesman did not help ease concerns of a religious and ethnic community that seems eager to equivocate on the origin of the terrorism being perpetrated by Islamic extremist in the name of Islam today. While eager to reassure the American public that Islam is a religion of peace and that all terrorism is to be condemned, he was unable or unwilling to condemn those who are sponsoring or encouraging the terrorism he claims to abhor. When confronted with specific instances of Islamic extremism he always first condemned but then seemed to excuse or deny them. Overall, if he meant what he said as a representative of CAIR, and if CAIR supports what he said, than CAIR sounds dangerous. If what he said was not representative of the Islamic community, and I hope this is the case, than he is incompetent as a spokesperson and CAIR needs to come on Hugh’s program to clarify their position.

It was a fascinating interview which I hope Hugh will replay in part and comment on. I expect there will be additional information about this interview at Hugh Hewitt or Radio Blogger soon.

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