China makes it urgent for the US Navy to build more warships!

The regional navy of China has 215 warships compared with the global navy of the United States with 287. Those 215 warships of the expansionist Chinese navy are concentrated in a relatively small part of the world and represent an enormous threat to United States interest. The balance of power in the far east has never been so negatively weighted against the United States since late in 1941 after the Japanese crippled a significant portion of the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor. It took 2 years of complete national industrial and manpower mobilization, and enormous good fortune, before the United States gained the upper hand over an expansionist Pacific power. With an ongoing global war on terror and in a different age which resist the national mobilization of World War II it is critical that we begin building now to face the possibility, or probability, of a conflict with China.

Vanquished Simplicity has the link to the 2005 DOD report on China’s military. Get it compare it with present United States Naval strength.

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