Durbin? Pelosi? It does not matter, this is why Democrats must be defeated!

Nancy Pelosi yesterday asked “Why have they been in custody for nearly four years without being charged? Why has so little been done to resolve the status of the detainees?” The full answer is very simple: The conflict is still on-going. There is no legal or moral requirement for the United States to do anything with these “illegal combatants” as defined by the Geneva Conventions until after the end of hostilities. After the conflict ends the United States may choose to try and execute them, try and release them, execute or release them without trial, all in standing with international law.

As to the question of “the status of the detainees?” I refer you to Why define what is already defined by the Geneva Conventions? so you may read what the Geneva Conventions says.

Thanks HughHewitt.com for beating the drum. Democrats as a party must be held accountable and defeated.

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