Sen. Dick Durbin: Poster Boy for defeating any and all Democrats!

Lack of leadership over Judicial confirmation and the abandonment of the conservative base by some Republican Senators left many feeling thier contributions and efforts had been betrayed. Because of this Hugh Hewitt, myself, and others said “Not another dime” to the NRSC. As I was saying this, I knew that abandoning the NRSC was a recipe for Democrats to gain, at a time they should lose, seats in the Senate and have been looking for the opportunity for Republicans to regain the momentum that carried them through 2004.

Sen. Dick Durbin speaking for Democrats everywhere has provided the opportunity and now we just need the Republicans to pick up the stick and start hitting the pineata that any elected Democrat represents. If otherwise normal, respectable, rank and file Democrats do not like being associated with wreckless turncoats like Durbin that is too bad! Durbin is the Democrat party speaking and every last one who votes Democrat is guilty by association for voting for these people. If, as a Democrat you do not want to be associated with rhetoric like this, start voting for and sending money to Republicans until your party changes.

As one who is frustrated with the Republican leadership for not utilizing the majority status which we all worked to make possible, I hope that the NRSC will create a subsidery Conservative Republican Senatorial Committee for those like me to send our money to. Short of a CRSC I will be supporting, and encourage Hugh Hewitt, OKIE on the LAM – In LA, The Hedgehog Blog and others to support, the efforts of the NRSC to see that Republicans gain seats in ’06, ’08, and beyond. For all kinds of reasons, but for our National Security and survival most of all, Democrats at all levels of Government must be defeated.

Thanks to OKIE on the LAM – In LA for the lead in to this post. As always, I respect his copywrite even if I am unable to reproduce it here.

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