Senator John McCain-D, AZ

Jim at Thinking Right has summed John McCain up nicely, “John “RINO” McCain has betrayed his party again!”

I visit Thinking Right via Clay Calhoun and thanks go to both of them.

2 Responses

  1. John McCain is Hillary Clinton in drag: Like her he has one interest: Him.

    By the way, I would have shown my support of your always insightful and enjoyable blog by buying a copy of Mark R. Levin’s Men In Black but I have a copy, and am about halfway through it.

    Now there’s something to talk about: Activist judges.

    Speaking of McCain, activists, and the likes, did you know that Governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, is running for the position of State Attorney General in California to counter Governor ‘Ah-nuhld’ and to–his words, not mine–‘interpret the law’.

    Not read the law. Interpret. Just like Levin warns in his book.

    Moonbeam must be prevented from gaining that position, so please let everyone you know in California of Moonbeam’s intention and why he must be stopped by way of the election process.

  2. McCain wants to be popular with the media and Democrats while still holding one or two conservative positions.

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