Senator Dole take heed, judicial candidates must get a floor vote!

Senator Dole heads the National Republican Senatorial Commitee and should be concerned that the prospects for 2006 are in jeopardy today. If judicial candidates do not get floor votes, and get them soon, those of us who help make this majority possible may loose our desire to contribute and fight. HughHewitt has a brilliant summary of how frustrated so many of us are and also a warning for Senate Republicans: “If the GOP loses or refuses the battle over the filibuster, it will lose the 2006 Senate elections, a set of contests it could actually win if the base thought there was any point to winning elections.” Absent strong leadership from Majority Leader Frist we need to pressure Senator Dole who stands to have a much more difficult job than necessary due to the perceive lack of action.

Thanks HughHewitt for a great post.

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