No repeat of the mistakes of 2004.

I was embarrassed when we lost control of the Colorado Senate in 2004. I must admit my money and efforts, while meager, were focused on the national stage at the expense of local, county and state races which are the building blocks of the party. There will be no repeat of the mistakes of 2004.

Thanks Ben at Mount Virtusfor the reminder.

2 Responses

  1. A suggestion, if I may, on this matter: Steer clear of newspapers that include, but are not limited to, The Coloradoan, The Fort Collins Weekly, The Reporter-Herald, The Greeley Tribune, The Daily Camera, The Daily Times-Call, and The Boulder Weekly.

    Since President Bush was re-elected they have made it clear by way of their editorial policies they have no intention of being objective, balanced, honest, and fair in reporting relevant facts and truths.

    My suggestion is to forgo them and instead focus on reporting relevant facts and truths to your blog.

  2. I am part of a meetup group (, here in Colorado Springs and we are pondering this very thing, how are we going to win back and keep our majorities here in the state at all levels.

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