Border War?

Right Makes Right! has a thoughtful post regarding illegal immigration and the danger to the GOP if we allow the issue to be cast as a racial issue, which it most certainly is not. It is important that this be correctly portrayed as a legal and national security issue.

As to the point that we need to “radically change the process for legal immigration” I have to disagree. It seems to me that there is a process, whether some like it or not, and there is no need to change it to accommodate those who are ignoring it anyway.

I fully agree with the need to strictly enforce our existing law and suggest a “zero tolerance” policy to gain control of the situation. If the promise of being deported with no opportunity to ever legally enter the United States were real, the deterrent threat to those who wish to gain citizenship would be effective. Those who are intent on breaking the law will not be deterred of course, and are declaring by their action the necessity to keep them out of the country.

Thanks for the post Right Makes Right!.

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