Churchill buyout near

Dilley Blog argues that the Churchill fiasco has been beneficial in exposing the radicalism on campus to the world. While perhaps Churchill is the “poster child” of what is wrong in higher education, it is certainly no secret that if one is looking for anti-mainstream culture it is easily found on the nearest college campus. As to Churchill, good riddance. While there should be no need for a buyout, it will be good to have him gone.

Thanks Dilley Blog for this Denver Post link.

One Response

  1. Sure wish I was in charge of the place. I would simply tell Ward Churchill to get his stuff (with a warning to make sure it is HIS stuff), hit the road and mention as he leaves he would be considered a tresspasser and subject to arrest if any part of his body crossed the property line again. The deceipt that he practiced looks to be criminal. I’d dare him to sue.

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