Union expansionism!

Union expansionism has already done pleanty of damage in our public schools. Much of the issues providing Ward Churchill leverage over CU are a direct result of union inspired employment practices. We do not need any additional union expansionism and should work to defeat it now.

For the great take on this visit A Bellandean! God, Country, Heritage: Unions Do Hurt America.

Special thanks to ClayCalhoun for pulling us all together.

One Response

  1. When were unions necessary? Before government got so involved in the workplace. There wasn’t always an OSHA to protect employees. People would frequently be overworked and underpaid. Now market forces should keep the good places to work full of employees and the bad places, well they will deal with turnover and a bad name and will go out of business. Do you think that the airlines would abuse Pilots if they didn’t have a union? Well probably not, and I’m sure it’s very competitive when Air Force pilots decide they want to work for an airline. I just don’t see how unions are necessary anymore.

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